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Hardware Glasgow

Hardware and More in Glasgow Superstore

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has a vast selection of hardware items and so much more in our Glasgow Superstore. From nails, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, and fixings, to sealants, adhesives, fillers, tapes, builder’s metalwork and hand tools, our Superstore has it and so much more. Neilson’s Joinery Superstore is open to both trade and public customers, 6 days a week. Whether you need a few more nails or a tube of caulk, our friendly staff are on hand to help you find what you need for your project.


Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has a range of interior nails, including joinery nails, plasterboard nails, and interior construction nails. Interior nails are ideal for woodwork projects where rot and corrosion are unlikely to occur. Our exterior nail selection includes roofing nails, exterior construction nails, and fencing nails for external projects.

Screws and Fixings

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has a vast range of screws available in our Glasgow Superstore, including multipurpose screws, exterior timber screws, decking screws, plasterboard screws, masonry screws, roofing screws, flooring screws, and electrical screws. We stock an extensive range of fixings, such as wall plugs, plasterboard fixings, packers for levelling, frame and hammer fixings, wall bolts and sleeve anchors, sanitary and worktop fixings, insulation fixings, and screw cup and washers.

Tool Shop Glasgow Click to enlarge
Tool Shop Glasgow Click to enlarge

Bolts, Washers, and Nuts

Our Glasgow Superstore has bolts, washers, and nuts too. Whether you need roofing bolts, threaded rods and pre-cut studs, coach screws and bolts, hexagonal set screws and nuts, or machine screws, Neilson’s has it. Our range of washers will help spread the load and prevent surface damage. Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has a variety of nuts, including steel wing nuts, steel dome nuts, self-locking nuts, and hexagonal set screws and nuts.

Sealants, Adhesives, and Fillers

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore carry a wide range of sealants, adhesives, and fillers. We have multipurpose and all-purpose sealants. Our silicone sealants range from general-purpose to specialised ones for roofing and guttering, or doors and windows, or kitchens and bathrooms. Our Glasgow Superstore stocks expanding foam for interior and exterior use. We stock flooring adhesives and sealants. We also have foam and sealant accessories, including cartridge guns, replacement nozzles, and sealant remover.

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has a great selection of adhesives and glues for any project, including grab adhesives, high-strength adhesives, glues and PVA adhesives, wood glues and adhesives, wallpaper paste, plastering tapes and adhesives, and tile adhesives. We stock a variety of tapes in our Glasgow Superstore, including masking tape, duct tape, carpet tape, packing tape, electrical tape, flooring tape, plasterboard tape, and hazard tape. Our range of fillers, putty and caulk includes decorator’s caulk, multipurpose fillers, putty, wood fillers, as well as tools and accessories for filling or sealing.

Hand Tools

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has a selection of hand tools, including Stanley knives and replacement blades, staple guns, and staples. We also stock spirit levels, screwdrivers, paint brushes, wire brushes, trowels, floats, mixing paddles, pliers, hammers, and so much more.

Hinges, Handles, Locks, Brackets, and Metalwork

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore carries a variety of hinges, handles, locks, brackets, and metalwork. We have interior and exterior hinges and handles, and brackets that are straight or angled. Our Glasgow Superstore has various metalwork supplies for builders in stock, including wall ties, bead and mesh, items for landscaping, and masonry support.

Whatever project you are working on, Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has the hardware you need and more.

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