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Insulation Glasgow

There are many different types of insulation you can use for your project to prevent heat loss from your build. From domestic insulation to commercial insulation, Neilson’s Joinery Superstore supply it all. Depending on the application, we supply a vast range of products here at Neilson’s for your roof, wall and floor insulation including:

  • Foil Faced PIR boards
  • Acoustic Quilt
  • Standard Quilt
  • Polystyrene Boards
  • Thermal board

Based on your application, we will have the right product to ensure you get the best performance for your build and can provide full technical support through our great list of suppliers below.

  • Superglass
  • IKO
  • Celotex
  • Kingspan
  • Recticel
  • Knauf
Insulation Products Glasgow Click to enlarge
Insulation Products Glasgow Click to enlarge

Retaining Heat in Your Home

Having the correct insulation and making your build airtight will reduce your energy bills significantly. By insulating a property, you do not need to keep the heating on for as long because the insulation retains the heat in the home. During summer, insulation can keep heat out, thanks to reflective surfaces that make living and working inside a property more comfortable.

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore also supply a range of acoustic insulation, which will reduce the noise in your home and stop sound travelling from room to room. For example, acoustic insulation in your ceiling will reduce footstep sounds traveling as far. Acoustic insultation also comes with thermal performance, as well as the acoustic, which saves using two different products. These can be supplied in slab or roll form to suit your specific requirements.

If we do not carry the correct product in stock that you require, we work closely with many different distributors throughout Scotland who can certainly offer the correct product with only a few days’ lead time.

For more information or technical support please give one of our team a call and we will be happy to discuss your project from start to finish.

  • Wallboard 2400x1200x12.5mm SE
  • Wallboard 2400x1200x12.5mm TE
  • Wallboard 2400x1200x9.5mm TE
  • Wallboard 1800x900x9.5mm SE
  • Wallboard 1800x900x12.5mm TE
  • Vapour Board (Foil) 2400x1200x12.5mm TE
  • Plank Board 2400x600x19mm TE
  • Moisture Board (Green) 2400x1200x12.5mm TE
  • Fire Board (Red) 2400x1200x12.5mm TE
  • DB Board (Blue) 2400x1200x12.5mm TE
  • 100mm Multi-Roll 44 Loft Roll (12.12m2)
  • 150mm Multi-Roll 44 Loft Roll (7.71m2)
  • 200mm Multi-Roll 44 Loft Roll (5.63m2)
  • 100mm Acoustic Partition Roll (12.12m2)
  • 50mm Acoustic Partition Roll (15.6m2)
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