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Please read and sign this aggreement carefully.

I have requested a credit account facility with Neilson’s Joinery Superstore and the information in this application is accurate.

I am aware that as part of this process Neilson’s Joinery Superstore will conduct a credit search with a reputable credit reference agency for the purposes of credit facilities and management of the account.

I am aware that you may transfer any information relating to your account between authorised credit agencies for the purposes of credit management of the account.

I acknowledge and understand the Terms and Conditions of sale and data privacy policy.

I understand and acknowledge that Neilson’s Joinery Superstore will use the data I provided for the purposes of its contractual obligations including in relation to this credit application and further that Neilson’s Joinery Superstore considers the capture, processing, storage of my data to be in its legitimate interests in order for it to provide business related products and services in accordance with our privacy policy.

I confirm that I am authorised to bind the account holder to this agreement.

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