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Fencing and Decking Supplies in Glasgow

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore in Glasgow has a vast selection of fencing and decking supplies. We are open to trade and public customers, 6 days a week. At Neilson’s, we stock hardwood timber and softwood timber to construct fences and decking. We also stock a selection of fencing and decking accessories. If you are looking for modern, low-maintenance decking, composite decking is for you. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you locate the fencing and decking supplies suitable for your project. Please note, we do not have fencing panels in stock at our Glasgow Superstore.


Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has hardwood and softwood timber available for fence construction. Our fencing supplies include fencing timber, fencing rails, fence posts and concrete, and various fencing nails, fencing screws, and fencing accessories, including hinges and handles for gates. Neilson’s also stock a variety of fencing treatment products to protect your fence from the elements and keep your fence looking great.

Fencing and Decking Glasgow Click to enlarge
Fencing and Decking Glasgow Click to enlarge


Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has hardwood decking boards, softwood decking boards, and composite decking boards for trade and DIY enthusiasts. Every decking project should start with a solid base, and Neilson’s has a range of joists, risers, and supports for your decking project. Traditional timber decking boards are available in 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, and 5.4m lengths. Decking boards widths are available in 120mm or 145mm with thickness measurements of 25mm for composite decking boards, and 28mm or 33mm for timber decking boards. In our Glasgow Superstore, we also stock decking rails, deck posts, deck rail hanger brackets, deck spindles, deck post caps and balls, decking stair stringer boards, and decking screws. Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has everything you need for your decking project, including decking treatment products for hardwood and softwood boards. Composite decking boards are low maintenance and do not require treatment products to protect them from the extremes of our Scottish weather.

Fencing and Decking in Stock or by Special Order

Neilson’s Joinery Superstore has fencing and decking products available in stock to take away on the day. Our special-order fencing and decking products have short lead times, ensuring your project completes on time. Neilson’s Joinery Superstore offers in-store pick-up or a fast delivery service across Glasgow and west central Scotland for your fencing and decking needs.

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